Mohrram 2022 Majalis
Mohrram 2022 Majalis

The martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his companions Alayhemossalam marks the saddest tragedy not only in the history of Islam but also in the history of the mankind.


Liverpool Islamic Centre commemorated this tragedy from 29th July until 8th August 19:30-22:00 by a series of programmes.

The lovers of the progeny of the holy Prophet of Islam gathered together every night and listened to the lectures delivered by Seyed Hashemi in the first 5 nights online and by Seyed Behbahani in the last 6 nights and they mourned for the Master of the Martyrs and his companions to express practice some of the lessons that the household of the Prophet of Islam SAWA taught them by their struggle for justice.


At the end of each programme the mourners of Aba Abdillah Alayhessalam were served by the food blessed with the remembrance of the martyrs of Karbala.