Tebyan School at Liverpool Islamic Centre
Tebyan School at Liverpool Islamic Centre

Liverpool Islamic Centre is proud to have the honour of establishing the very first Tebyan School in the North-West of England.

The text book for this course is the ‘Islamic Studies Series’ published by Majlise Ulama.

The course started on 28 November and open to all eligible applicants between the ages of 5 and 15. The medium of instruction will be English.

On successful completion, students will be awarded a certificate of achievement.

Applicants may choose any one or any combination of the following five topics:

Aqa’ed (Islamic Beliefs)
Akhlaq (Islamic Manners)
Feqh (Islamic Rulings)
History of Islam

For more information and to enrol your children in Tebyan School please email livice.uk@gmail.com or contact: +447481980008